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Research Papers and Book Chapters

Most research papers are freely available from the PDF links below. Please contact me directly if you do not have access to subscription papers through a local institution. 

In review:

Barrett, R.L., Offord, C.A., McPherson, H., Wenk, L. (2023) New opportunities for global collaboration and biodiversity discovery: why every herbarium should have a desktop SEM. Special issue: Advances in plant imaging across scales. Applications in Plant Sciences: Submitted 31 May 2023. [Invited review]

Clugston, J.A.R., Barrett, R.L., Murphy, D.J., Renner, M.A.M., Weston, P.H., Cook, L.G. Jobson, P.C., Lepschi, B.J. & Crisp, M.D. (2023) Resolving relationships in the radiation of Australia’s largest pea clade (Fabaceae tribe Mirbelieae) with target-capture sequencing. Annals of Botany: ms 23283. Submitted 8 May 2023.

Saunders, T.C., Larridon, I., Baker, W.J., Barrett, R.L., Forest, F., Françoso, E., Maurin, O., Rokni, S. & Roalson, E.H. (2024) Tangled webs and spider-flowers: phylogenomics, biogeography, and seed morphology inform the evolutionary history of Cleomaceae. American Journal of Botany: AJB-D-24-00083. Submitted 29 February 2024.

Wege, J.A., Brennan, K.G., Bean, A.R., Barrett, R.L., Dillon, S.J. & Barrett, M.D. (2024) Stylidium miscellany IV: novel species, recircumscriptions and range extensions for northern Australia. Nuytsia 35: Submitted 7 March 2024.

Wenk, E., Sauquet, H., Gallagher, R., Brownlee, R., Boettinger, C., Coleman, D., Yang, S., Auld, T., Barrett, R.L., Brodribb, T., Choat, B., Dun, L., Ellsworth, D., Gosper, C., Guja, L., Jordan, G., Le Breton, T., Leigh, A., Lu-Irving, P., Medlyn, B., Nolan, R., Ooi, M., Sommerville, K, Vesk, P., White, M.D., Wright, I. & Falster, D. (2023) AusTraits Plant Dictionary (APD): a comprehensive resource for standardising and linking plant trait measurements across diverse sources. Submitted 18 June 2023. bioRxiv preprint: PDF

In Press:

Barrett, R.L., Clugston, J.A.R., Orthia, L.A., Cook, L.G., Crisp, M.D., Lepschi, B.J., Macfarlane, T.D., Weston, P.H. & Wilkins, C.F. (2024) East rarely meets West: a revised delimitation for Pultenaea (Fabaceae: Mirbelieae) with reinstatement of Euchilus and three new genera from south-west Western Australia. Australian Systematic Botany 37(SB23029): 1–XX. Accepted subject to revision 5 January 2024.

Hanes, M.M., Blanchard Jr, O.J., Valencia-D., J.E., McLay, T.B.G., Abbott, J.R., McDaniel, S., Barrett, R.L., Mathews, S. & Neubig, K.M. (2023) Phylogenetic relationships within the Hibisceae (Malvaceae) reveal complex patterns of polyphyly in Hibiscus and Pavonia. Systematic Botany 49(1): S-23-00014. Accepted 5 February 2024.

Lu, L.-M., Xiong, Y.-J., Zhao, Y.-J., He, Y.-Y., Zhao, L., Hu, H.-H., Barrett, R.L. & Chen, Z.-D. (2024) Current progress and future prospects for understanding genetic diversity of seed plants in China. Biological Diversity 1(1): BOD-2024-0002.R1. Resubmitted 21 Feb. 2024. [Invited Review]



131. Barrett, R.L. (2024) Sedges on the edge: new agronomic and research opportunities? Special Issue: Below-ground storage organs. Plant and Soil 495: 195–200. [Invited Commentary] PDF

130. Barrett, R.L., Clugston, J.A.R., Albrecht, D.E., Elkan, L., Hosking, J.R., McCune, S.F., Jobson, P.C., Orme, A.E., Palsson, R.L., Renner, M.A.M., Wardrop, C. & Weston, P.H. (2023) Revision of the Pultenaea setulosa species complex (Fabaceae: Mirbelieae) including fourteen new species. Australian Systematic Botany 37(SB23014): 1–105. PDF

129. Elliott, T.L., Spalink, D., Larridon, I., Zuntini, A.R., Escudero, M., Hackel, J., Barrett, R.L., Martín‐Bravo, S., Márquez‐Corro, J.I., Granados Mendoza, C., Mashau, A.C., Soler, K.R., Zhigila, D.A., Gehrke, B., Andrino, C.O., Crayn, D.M., Vorontsova, M.S., Forest, F., Baker, W.J., Wilson, K.L., Simpson, D.A. & Muasya, A.M. (2024) Global analysis of Poales diversification – parallel evolution in space and time into open and closed habitats. New Phytologist 242(2): Published online 28 November 2023. [Invited Review] PDF

128. Mabry, M.E., Abrahams, R.S., Al-Shehbaz, I.A., Baker, W.J., Barak, S., Barker, M.S., Barrett, R.L., Beric, A., Bhattacharya, S., Carey, S.B., Conant, G.C., Conran, J.G., Dassanayake, M., Edger, P.P., Hall, J., Hao, Y., Hendicks, K.P., Hibberd, J., King, G.J., Kliebenstein, D.J., Koch, M.A., Leitch, I.J., Lens, F., Lysák M.A., McAlvay, A.C., McKibben, M.T.W., Mercati, F., Moore, R.C., Mummenhof, K., Murphy, D.J., Nikolov, L.A., Pisias, M., Roalson, E.H., Schranz, M.E., Thomas, S.K., Yu, Q.-Y., Yocca, A., Pires, J.C. & Harkess, A.E. (2024) Complementing model species with model clades. The Plant Cell 36(4): koad260. [Invited Review] PDF

127. Omollo, W.O., Rabarijaona, R.N., Ranaivoson, R.M., Rakotoarinivo, M,, Barrett, R.L., Zhang, Q., Lai, Y.-J., Ye, J.-Y., Le, C.T., Antonelli, A., Chen, Z.-D., Liu, B., Lu, L.-M. (2024) Spatial heterogeneity of neo- and paleo-endemism for plants in Madagascar. Current Biology 34: 1–13. Published online 8 March 2024. PDF

126. Barrett, R.L. & Barrett, M.D. (2023) Taxonomic revision of Australian Erythrophleum (Fabaceae: Caesalpinioideae) including description of two new species. Australian Systematic Botany 36(5): 401–426. PDF

125. Barrett, R.L., Hanes, M.M. & McLay, T.B.G. (2023) (2959–2960) Proposals to conserve the name Abelmoschus against Laguna, and Pavonia, nom. cons., against the additional names Malvaviscus and Malachra. Taxon 72(3): 667–669. PDF


124. Barrett, R.L. & Wilson, T.C. (2023) iNaturalist observations and Bush Blitz collections provide support for the recognition of Lomandra briggsiana (Asparagaceae), a new species from New South Wales. Telopea 26: 133–143. PDF

123. Lu, L.-M., Zhao, L., Hu, H.-H., Liu, B., Yang, Y.-C.,You, Y.-C., Peng, D.-X., Barrett, R.L., Chen, Z.-D. (2023) A comprehensive evaluation of flowering plant diversity and conservation priority for national park planning in China. Fundamental Research 3(6): 939–950. PDF

122. Maurin, O., Anest, A., Forest, F., Turner, I., Barrett, R.L., Cowan, R.C., Wang, L.-J., Tomlinson, K.W. & Charles-Dominique, T. (2023). Drift in the tropics: phylogenetics and biogeographical patterns in Combretaceae. Global Ecology and Biogeography 32(10): 1790–1802. PDF

121. Rabarijaona, R.N., Ranaivoson, R.M., Yu, J.-R., You, Y.-C., Liu, B., Ye, J.-F., Barrett, R.L., Lin, X.-L., Wen, J., Chen, Z.-D., & Lu, L.-M. (2023) Species delimitation and biogeography of Cyphostemma (Vitaceae), emphasizing diversification and ecological adaptation in Madagascar. Taxon 72(4): 766–790. ABSTRACT

120. Wang, J., Barrett, R.L., Wajer, J., Mabberley, D.J. & Forster, P.I. (2023) Reinstatement of Thysanotus elatior R.Br. (Asparagaceae). Telopea 26: 49–59. PDF

119. Webb, A.T., Birch, J.L. & Barrett, R.L. (2023) Caesia walalbai (Asphodelaceae subfam. Hemerocallidoideae), a new species from south-east Queensland. Telopea 26: 159–168. PDF

118. Wilson, K.L. & Barrett, R.L. (2023) Revision of the tropical genus Diplacrum (Cyperaceae: Bisboeckelereae) in Australia. Australian Systematic Botany 36(2): 143–156. PDF

117. Yu, J.-R., Niu, Y.-T., You, Y.-C., Cox, C.J., Barrett, R.L., Trias-Blasi, A., Guo, J., Wen, J., Lu, L.-M., Chen, Z.-D. (2023) Integrated phylogenomic analyses unveil reticulate evolution in Parthenocissus (Vitaceae), highlighting speciation dynamics in the Himalayan-Hengduan Mountains. New Phytologist 238(2): 888–903. ABSTRACT

116. Yu, J.-R., Zhao, H., Niu, Y.-T., You, Y.-C., Barrett, R.L., Ranaivoson, R.M., Rabarijaona, R.N., Parmar, G., Yuan, L.-X., Jin, X.-F., Li, P., Li, J.-H., Wen, J., Chen, Z.-D., & Lu, L.-M. (2023) Distinct hybridization modes in wide- and narrow‑ranged lineages of Causonis (Vitaceae). BMC Biology 21: 209. PDF

115. Andermann, T., Antonelli, A., Barrett, R.L. & Silvestro, D. (2022) Estimating alpha, beta and gamma diversity through deep learning. Frontiers in Plant Science 13: 839407. PDF

114. Barrett, R.L. & Barrett, M.D. (2022) Dianella lignosa (Asphodelaceae), a new species from the north-west Kimberley region of Western Australia. Telopea 25: 197–202. PDF

113. Barrett, R.L., Barrett, M.D. & Clements, M.A. (2022) A revision of Orchidaceae from the Kimberley region of Western Australia with new species of tropical Calochilus and Dipodium. Telopea 25: 203–270. PDF

112. Barrett, R.L., Plunkett, G.T., Bruhl, J.J. & Wilson, K.L. (2022). Lepidosperma prospectum (Cyperaceae), a new species from Sydney coastal heath and notes on usage of sword sedges. Telopea 25: 81–92. PDF


111. Barrett, R.L. & Wilson, K.L. (2022) Machaerina ascendens (Cyperaceae), a rare new species from the far south-west of Western Australia and a new combination for Schoenus abbreviatus Nees. Telopea 25: 173–179. PDF


110. Elliott, T.L., Larridon, I., Barrett, R.L., Bruhl, J.J., Costa, S.M., Escudero, M., Hipp, A.L., Jiménez‐Mejías, P., Luceño, M., Márquez-Corro, J.I., Martín-Bravo, S., Roalson, E.H., Semmouri, I., Spalink, D., Thomas, W.W., Villaverde, T., Wilson, K.L., Xanthos, M. & Muasya, A.M. (2022) Addressing inconsistencies in Cyperaceae and Juncaceae taxonomy: Comment on Brožová et al. (2022). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 179: 107665. PDF

109. Elliott, T.L., Zedek, F., Barrett, R.L., Bruhl, J.J., Escudero, M., Hroudová, Z., Joly, S., Larridon, I., Luceño, M., Márquez Corro, J.I., Martin-Bravo, S., Muasya, A.M., Šmarda, P., Thomas, W., Wilson, K.L., Bureš, P. (2022) Chromosome size matters: genome evolution in the cyperid clade. Annals of Botany 130(7): 999–1014. ABSTRACT 

108. Hu, H.-H., Ye, J.-F., Liu, B., Mao, L.-F., Smith, S.A., Barrett, R.L., Soltis, P.S., Soltis, D.E., Chen, Z.-D. & Lu, L.-M. (2022) Temporal and spatial comparisons of angiosperm diversity between eastern Asia and North America. National Science Review 9(6): nwab199. PDF

107. Renner, M.A.M., Barrett, R.L., Clarke, S., Clugston, J.A.R., Wilson, T.C. & Weston, P.H. (2022) Morphological and molecular evidence refute a broad circumscription for Pultenaea glabra (Fabaceae: Mirbelieae), with implications for taxonomy, biogeography, and conservation. Australian Systematic Botany: 35(3): 127–179. PDF

106. Telford, I.R.H., Clugston, J.A.R. & Barrett, R.L. (2022) Pultenaea williamsii (Fabaceae: Mirbelieae), a new species endemic to the New England Tableland Bioregion of New South Wales. Telopea 25: 165–171. PDF

105. Barrett, R.L., Bruhl, J.J. & Wilson, K.L. (2021) Netrostylis, a new genus of Australasian Cyperaceae removed from Tetraria. Telopea 24: 53–60. PDF

104. Barrett, R.L., Bruhl, J.J. & Wilson, K.L. (2021) Revision of generic concepts in Schoeneae subtribe Tricostulariinae (Cyperaceae) with a new Australian genus Ammothryon and new species of Tricostularia. Telopea 24: 61–169. PDF

103. Barrett, R.L., Clugston, J.A.R., Cook, L.G., Crisp, M.D., Jobson, P.C., Lepschi, B.J., Renner, M.A.M. & Weston, P.H. (2021) Understanding diversity and systematics in Australian Fabaceae tribe Mirbelieae. Special Issue: Legume diversity and evolution. Diversity 13(8): 391. [Invited Review] PDF

102. Barrett, R.L. & Jobson, R.W. (2021) Lechenaultia peregrina, a new species of Goodeniaceae from northern Australia, New Guinea and the Moluccas. Telopea 24: 277–282. PDF


101. Barrett, R.L., Macfarlane, T.D. & Keighery, G.J. (2021) Taxonomic revision of Corynotheca (Hemerocallidaceae / Asphodelaceae). Telopea 24: 7–52. PDF

100. Barrett, R.L. & Monro, A.M. (2021) Review of nomenclature for Actinidiaceae in Australia. Telopea 24: 319–323. PDF

99. Barrett, R.L., Taputuarai, R., Meyer, J.-Y., Bruhl, J.J. & Wilson, K.L. (2021) Reassessment of the taxonomic status of Cyperaceae on Rapa Iti, Austral Islands, French Polynesia, with a new combination, Morelotia involuta. Telopea 24: 171–187. PDF

98. Elliott, T.L., van Mazijk, R., Barrett, R.L., Bruhl, J.J., Joly, S., Muthaphuli, N., Wilson, K.L., & Muasya, A.M. (2021) Global dispersal and diversification of the genus Schoenus (Cyperaceae) from the Western Australian biodiversity hotspot. Special Issue: Cyperaceae in a data-rich era: New evolutionary insights from solid frameworks. Journal of Systematics and Evolution 59(4): 791–808. PDF

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92. Wilde, B.C., Barrett, R.L. (2021) Hidden in plain sight: Ficus desertorum (Moraceae), a new species of rock fig from central Australia. Telopea 24: 283–301. PDF

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90. Barrett, R.L., Wilson, K.L, Bruhl, J.J. (2020) Reinstatement and revision of the genus Chaetospora (Cyperaceae: Schoeneae). Telopea 23: 95–112. PDF


89. Baleeiro, P.C., Jobson, R.W. & Barrett, R.L. (2020) Drosera stipularis, a new species for the Drosera petiolaris complex from Cape York Peninsula, Queensland. Telopea 23: 35–40. PDF


88. Dillon, S.J., Barrett, R.L. & Shepherd, K.A. (2020) Corchorus fitzroyensis (Malvaceae: Grewioideae), a new, poorly known species from Western Australia’s Kimberley region. Special Issue: 50 years of botanical discovery: a golden anniversary edition of Nuytsia, the journal of the Western Australian Herbarium. Nuytsia 31: 83–87. PDF


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