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Russell Barrett is a research botanist, author and photographer now based in Sydney, Australia, having grown up in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia.

He developed an early passion for botany after discovering new plant species beside the creek that ran past their homestead on a remote Kimberley cattle station while still in high school. Russell has discovered over 400 new plant species, sometimes spotting new species from helicopters in remote wilderness, and sometimes finding overlooked species in the middle of our capital cities.

Russell is passionate about botany, ecology, conservation, the Kimberley and sedges, to name just a few of his many interests. Widely traveled in Australia and abroad, he created this blog to share the many wonderful discoveries he has made along the way.

The Triodia (spinifex) being collected below is found only on sandstone cliffs in the west Kimberley and is yet to be formally named. (Photo: Michi Maier)


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